• MacIntalkPro2 High Quality synthetic voices. Released in 1993.
  • Hear text read aloud on your Mac computer in one of several high quality voices: Victoria, Bruce and Agnes. Use Sound options in SimpleText. Type some text in a SimpleText document, then open the Sound menu and choose "Speak All".
  • Victoria's voice is also used currently for all 'Alert' messages on Macintosh computers.
  • Alex male voice for System X 10.5.2
  • All languages phonetic definition and support

    (previously) DIGITAL EQUIPMENT

  • "DECtalk" software versions of the US English male, female, and child voices, 1995-1997
  • British English version of "DECtalk"

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    In 2002 Dr. Caroline Henton from Talknowledgy brought her highest quality expertise Elan Speech (Toulouse, France) for the release of the US version of Elan's "golden tones" SaySo! text-to-speech system, to satisfy customers' needs for highest quality speech applications.




    FAAST 4.0 Fonix female synthetic voice


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    In 2003 Talknowledgy provides architectural and design expertise in speech synthesis and voice user interface to NeoSpeech for very small footprint TTS systems in US English and Mexican Spanish.