Dr. Caroline Henton received both her M.Phil. in General Linguistics and her Doctorate in Acoustic Phonetics from the University of Oxford. After an academic career in the UK and California, she joined Apple Computer Inc. (Cupertino, CA) to produce the high quality synthetic speech available on all Apple platforms. In the past eight years she has been Director of Language Development for Voice Processing Corporation, (Cambridge, MA) and Director of Linguistic Development for the DECtalk speech synthesizer produced by Digital Equipment Corp. She has also acted as a consultant in speech synthesis, linguistics, localization, and voice user interface design for Sun Microsystems Inc., Claris Corp., PulsePoint, Lexicon Naming Inc., Interval Research, Apple Computer, General Magic Inc. (all in CA) and for Digital Equipment Corporation. From 1998 to 2000 she was Vice President for Strategic Technology at fonix corp. In addition she is the British English voice talent for PulsePoint Communications and Centigram Communications. She is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Speech Technology magazine, and author of over 70 technical and research publications and has been awarded five patents.

Dr. Henton led the Speech and Language Development team at Tellme Networks, June 2000—July 2001. Her responsibilities included multilingual text-to-speech synthesis R&D, natural language research and integration of speech input-output with other human computer interaction modalities. Since August 2001 she has resumed full-time consulting as CTO of Talknowledgy. Concurrently, Dr. Henton is a Visiting Professor in Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz. In October 2008 Dr. Henton joined SpeakSoft, Inc. and in 2009 she became SpeakSoft's Chief Scientist.